$75 / Per 1/2 Hour $150 / Per Hour

Do you have questions about life, love and /or work-related topics? Then a standard psychic reading session is for you. Allow me to uncover areas of your life, like your personal relationships, career, and your love life. We will peek into your life’s journey and I will stroll with you down memory lane so that we can discover what’s hiding within your subconscious. I will work collaboratively with you to develop personalized action steps to take you to your next level.

Contact Me directly for a free consultation if you are interested in a business reading as prices vary based on deliverable.

Are you working on a strategy for your business, or trying to determine your life’s work or your calling? Then book a session for a business reading where we dive deeply into what you were called to do in life which includes uncovering both your passion and your gift. I will help you to identify areas for improvement, blocks, and together we will develop strategies to move your business to the next level. We will design the layout of your business, if needed. We can create executable business strategies and reset/shift the mindset of employees on your team.

$75 / Per 1/2 Hour $150 / Per Hour

Have you experienced the passing of a loved one and want to reconnect? Trust in my services to deliver a unique message from a loved one that’s transitioned. I will describe intimate moments that only you or your loved one would be able to confirm. The goal here is to provide confirmation that they are still with you and to provide closure where needed.

Yolanda J. Stone

About Me

Just like you…

  • I make mistakes.
  • I have—once or twice—doubted my abilities.
  • I sometimes struggle with my own “enough-ness.”
  • I often get nervous.
  • I usually get scared.
  • I periodically make questionable decisions.

You get it, right? Just like you…I am human. At the deepest level, we are all the same.

But here’s where I’ve found the difference and why people seek my services. Not everyone’s ready to surrender, but I have. And not everyone’s ready to allow God to flow through them, but I have. And I use this technique of surrender and the ability to allow God to flow through me to provide the best readings to you.

I infuse my spiritual practices in all that I do (i.e., I’m a mom, an entrepreneur, and an intuitive). It’s all a part of me. I am Yolanda J. Stone. And it’s nice to meet you.

I’ve been on this spiritual journey for nearly four years and I believe all things are possible through God.

Here’s a philosophy that’s important to me that I’d like to share with you…

I firmly believe that you have to be aware of not just your strengths, but also your weaknesses. It is in those weaknesses that you will find the opportunity for growth and will move a step closer to becoming a better version of you.

If you would like to schedule a reading, click here to learn how.

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Mark Jance / Arlington, Va

“After my initial reading with Yolanda, dealing with life’s ups and downs. I finally felt like progress was made. Amazingly on point with advice, healing and help with direction.”

~Brian / Chesterfield, Va

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Mark Jance / Instagram